barometer falls,—weather deteriorates ; barometer rises—weather improves

Quicksilver Barometers

For barometer repair, renovation, sales

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Quicksilver (Hermes) messenger of the gods (quicksilver is another name for mercury as used in the barometer)
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Please note that I have now retired. I will continue repairing/fitting tubes and glass until stocks run out, but I will not be undertaking any other work. please phone if you require either of these services.


Situated in an ideal central location, Amber Valley in South East Derbyshire - the heart of the Midlands, Quicksilver Barometers has established sources to ensure that when replacement barometer parts are required, only those of the best quality are used.

Throughout the restoration process of all types of barometer, meticulous attention is paid to detail, and traditional methods are used to ensure a high quality and consistency with your original barometer.

Whether your barometer is rosewood, mahogany, satinwood, with decorative artwork or inlay, all are authentically restored, their unique qualities adding charm & elegance to the appearance of your barometer, which is not only a fully working scientific instrument, but also a fine piece of furniture .

As well as a repair and renovation service, catering for all types of barometer- stick, wheel (banjo), aneroid and barographs, Quicksilver Barometers are able to offer for sale a range of barometers and other scientific instruments. Please note that we do not repair, or deal in clocks

Use the links on the left to see our barometers for sale which include:-
Aneroid barometer
Mercury barometer
Antique barometer
Wheel barometer
Stick barometer
Reproduction barometer
Victorian barometer
Or for general barometer information ,which includes types of barometer, how to read them and other useful info.
Please note that we only sell and repair barometers, We do not deal in clocks.

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